To translate means to navigate a thought-form (an idea, a concept, a mental image) from a language to another language, from a cultural world to another cultural world, at the end, from a tree of vision to another tree of vision.

Languages are worlds: landscapes, inhabited by groups of people, with their views and visions, their roots, beliefs, symbols, customs, emotions, etc.

Languages are also not just a medium, but also a meta-environment for developing ideas and visions, actions and lives.

Above all, languages are trees, with deep roots in the conceptual and framework key words of each specific cultural group, spread into branches and leaves reaching towards its anthropology and spirituality.

Languages are – finally – games (as Wittgenstein would say).

Thus, translation is to transfer the play from a game to another game. Can you translate chess in backgammon? What the Tower would become?

For these reasons, to translate you need 

1) to know very well the initial and final culture of a translation work. 

2) to have sensibility and hear for the sound, rhythm, word effectiveness, contextual sense. Copyrighter’s and poet’ skills include to bring the right meaning and sense to the reader, to produce convincing and effective texts (Greimas, Wittgenstein, Frege, Fontanille, Benveniste, Eco, De Saussure, etc., are my tutelary deities within all my studies in semiotics, philosophy of languages, communication sciences, and anthropology.)

3) to have creative skills (even to translate not artistic essays, as ITC, appliances, etc.)

All the above skills are part of my background, as well as the following working experiences for an in-depth translation in these fields.

1. agriculture (since childhood, in my family farm)

2. appliance stores/commercial businesses (since childhood, in several family appliances shops)

3. music/theatre management with international relations (being a music jazz manager and organizer of concerts all around the world, with dozens of gigs, flights and hotels booking experience for 7 years)

4. theatre (clownery/physical theatre organizer and booker for 2 years) 

5. film management and production/fundraiser with public and private foundations (I have been working in cinema production and funding for 3 years)

6. film/audio-visual editing (as audio-visual editor in a small television production studio, during university)

7. tourism as a tour guide (currently, I am a tourist guide in Apulia)

8. educational/cultural dissemination (currently, I am working as a high school teacher specialised for disabled people)