venerdì 9 novembre 2012

When they will be - haiku (english version)

When they will be dust
they will understand
That there are the stones.

"When they will be" from When they will be/haiku by Marco Cardetta

Is - haiku

Is the dawn of a new
day! No, fuck:
is afternoon.

"Is" from When they will be/haiku by Marco Cardetta

E' (haiku)

E' l'alba di un nuovo 
giorno! No, cazzo:
è pomeriggio.

"E'" da Quando saranno/haiku di Marco Cardetta

Washing up / Lavarsi (english version)

Came back home, naked 
rubbing by towel
White - drying
My intimacies: from windows
people stared at me
walking on my way:
in mouth the phrase: "Oh, finally
one who washes himself"

"Wahing up" from Versi giustificati (english version) by Marco Cardetta

lunedì 5 novembre 2012

The stomach

This way, we reduced everything to little things.
Especially reducing the books
and we put them in our stomach.
This way, we reduced our things.
And we swallowed them.
And we had also the method for letting them out -
as we liked - little as grain of sand
or as a finger.
And the stomach was our home.
But the stuff got out of hand.
Stolen lent granted,
to the public world.
In three months we had full of
architects of the stomach that with chisel
sculpted extraordinary shelving in our stomachs,
for saving all our things.
And this was very useful when we flew, flying
without luggage, with baggage limits.
But soon also some child began
to put the things in his stomach -
reckless child -
they filled their stomach of shit:
so they didn't eat anymore.
Soon he died a couple: they had always
fullness for the shelving that they had
in stomach - for the lumber that filled it -
so they didn't eat anymore and they died in hunger
without realizing.
The government had set a limit,
But we just don't pay attention
and someone died.
And we had no homes anymore, even not naked beds.
And our houses - with all their furniture
were only in our stomachs, well furnished.

"The stomach" from Versi giustificati (english version) by Marco Cardetta